Gayatri Devi Junior High School, Gaini Village

  • STATUS: Construction In Progress
  • LOCATION: Gaini Village, Tah-Aonla, District-Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • NO. OF STUDENTS: 529
  • GRADES: Lower kindergarten to Grade 9

This is a private school established in 2006 by Mr. Ashok Bisaria, a retired Government school teacher. The school caters to 529 underprivileged kids whose parents work in the local agricultural fields or employed as workers embellishing clothing (embroidery, zari work). 50% of the kids cannot afford to pay any fees, and the remaining pay a meagre Rs. 1,000 per year.

Some classes are conducted in poorly constructed structures with tin roof, and others basically use the space outside a cowshed and the shade of trees on the land that Mr. Bisaria owns. Mr. Bisaria and 5 of his family members are dedicated to running the school, from teaching to administration, just to provide the kids with an opportunity to learn.

Given the high number of kids enrolled, it is evident that this school is the only affordable means of education to them. The impoverished local community is unable to help in any way, and without the dedication of Mr. Bisaria and his family, these kids are likely to not receive any education at all.

The immediate need identified is for 6 properly constructed classrooms, toilets, and drinking water facility. The two existing classrooms need to be repaired with properly plastered walls and roof.
After thorough analysis of the school’s needs vs, practical solutions, the approved construction plan consisting of the following, is underway:

  • 6 new classrooms in a new 2-story building
  • Refurbishment of the existing toilets, and construction of 2 new toilets
  • Paving/improvements to the assembly area, and to/around the tree in the school premises
  • Basic, functional improvement to the aesthetics of the exteriors of the school
  • Functional aesthetics and basic improvement to the gate and the entry into the school
  • Rain water harvesting

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