Government Higher Primary School, Nagavalli Village

  • STATUS: Under Review
  • LOCATION: Nagavalli Village, Chamarajanagara Taluk & district, Karnataka, India
  • NO. OF STUDENTS: 168
  • GRADES: Grades 1 to 7

This school was established in 1858. The school caters to the needs of about 168 students from grades 1 to 7, who mostly come from very poor family background. Medium of instruction in this school is Kannada and the students are taught by 7 teachersT. The school presently has 10 classrooms, 1 staff room, 1 TV/computer room, 1 sports room & 1 kitchen block. However, out of these 10 classrooms, 6 classrooms are in dilapidated condition, which effectively leaves with 4 rooms for conducting classes. Interestingly, out of these 4 classrooms, 2 classrooms are reportedly the original classrooms which were built when the school was started in 1858 and has been kept in fairly good shape.

The immediate need identified by OSAAT team is to demolish the 6 classrooms that are unsafe and in its place, build 3 classrooms to help run the classes. The school is also in need of an water filtering system to provide safe drinking water to the children. As of now, the school is supplied with bore-well water, which is hard and not fit for drinking.
After thorough analysis of the school’s needs vs. practical solutions, the approved construction plan consisting of the following, is underway:

  • Demolish 6 old and unsafe classrooms
  • Construct 3 new classrooms
  • Construction of new kitchen block
  • Construction of new sump tank and overhead tank.
  • Laying waterlines to the kitchen, toilet and hand wash area from the overhead tank.

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