A Glance on Projects Under Review

School NameUnder review sinceDetails and current needs
Govt. Higher Primary School, Tungabhadra village, Raichur District, Karnataka, IndiaOctober 2017Construction of a new block containing one big classroom to accommodate kids from grades 1-3 (under Nali-Kali program) and 5 classrooms to accommodate students from grades 4-8. Build separate toilet blocks for boys and girls along with water tank.
Aben Govt. Upper Primary School, Aben Village, Tamenglong Dist., Manipur, IndiaDecember 2017Repairs to a old school premise so that nursery classes can be shifted there. Repairs to the current school premises, which are in pretty bad shape. This includes repairs to walls, plaster and painting, repair of existing cement floor, new toilet block with water supply, repairs to existing doors and windows, repairs to existing tables and benches and provide new tables and benches.
Government Higher Primary School, Bai-Aregoppa village, Haveri Dist. Karnataka, IndiaDecember 2017This school was established around 1931. It is located in the border area between Haveri and Uttara Kannada districts. In face, the school compound wall is the border. The school caters to the needs of about 190 students from grades 1-8, mostly coming from poor families. Medium of instruction is Kannada and are taught by 6 teachers.

Due to water entering the compound, one of the building which was built below the ground level collapsed. Out of the originally constructed rooms, 2 rooms were demolished as they were damaged beyond repair. As of now, the school has a total of 5 rooms, in addition to an office room.

The current need is to build 2 new rooms and fix toilet and water facility.
Government Higher Primary School, Masaguppi, Gokak, Belagavi dist., Karnataka, IndiaNovember 2017The school has an old tile roofed building constructed in 1926 with 2 rooms. This building is in a very bad condition with damaged roof and cracked walls. Another 2 old rooms adjacent to this building have already been demolished as a precautionary measure. Despite the extremely unsafe conditions, classes are still held in these 2 rooms, as there are no better options for the villagers.

The current need is to build at the very least, 6 classrooms to cater to needs of children in this school.
Government Higher Primary School, Chinnikatti, Byadagi Taluq, Haveri District, Karnataka, IndiaNovember 2017200 students from grades 1-8. In dire need of 8 classrooms + toilet blocks.
Government Higher Primary School, Suribail, Bantwal Taluq, Mangaluru District, Karnataka, IndiaNovember 2017470+ students from LKG-10th grade. Request is to help build 4 classrooms in place of the existing, damaged rooms, plus, at least 2 rooms for the high school.
Government Higher Primary School, Hosmar, Karkala Taluq, Udupi District, Karnataka, IndiaNovember 2017Demolish 2 classrooms (built in 1923) and build 4 new classrooms in its place to cater to 290 students studying in LKG-7th grade.
Government Higher Primary School, Benkipura, Hunsur Taluq, Mysore District, Karnataka, IndiaNovember 2017Request for 2 new classrooms + toilet block to cater to 227 students
Government Higher Primary School, Mullur, Hunsur Taluq, Mysore District, Karnataka, IndiaNovember 2017School needs help in repairing leakages in roof-tile and fixes to toilet blocks.