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Doddakallahalli, Karnataka
Government Higher Primary School

About School

Malur is a taluk-center, situated at a distance of 58 KM from Bangalore on Bangalore-Bangarpet highway. Doddakallahalli is a small village in Malur. The residents of this village are mainly daily wage workers and a few farmers. This school currently has classes from 1st to 7th grade. A total of about 111 children attend this school. Students come here from the surrounding villages to continue studies in 6th and 7th grades. The school strength is expected to increase to 120 in the next academic year. There are currently five classrooms with 5 teaching staff, 2 part time cooks and an ayah working in this school.

The Domino Effect

Rotary Club, Bengaluru, partnered with us on this project and continues to be a valuable partner for other OSAAT projects in the pipeline.

Status: Completed

Location: Doddakallahalli, Malur taluk, Kolar district, Karnataka, India

No. of Students: 111

Grades:  1 – 7

Total Cost of Project: USD 46,000

OSAAT Contribution: New school construction (5 classrooms and support structures)


We are proud to start this journey. We are grateful and optimistic that people will want to continue this domino effect, so we can do more.


Before OSAAT Intervention

  • The classes are conducted in make shift buildings located around other village residences.
  • These buildings are divided by the village’s main road, such that children have to cross the road to go from class to class.
  • One of the classroom buildings is on private property and the owner has threatened to demolish.
  • The play area currently being used by the children is also private property.
  • There is a deep rocky gorge behind one of the classrooms and is extremely dangerous.
  • The government has sanctioned land near the current premises for a new school to be built.
  • Members of OSAAT India met the Block Education Officer of Malur Taluk, and he promised to build a compound wall around this land.

After OSAAT Intervention

  • Constructed 5 classrooms, catering to grades 1 to 7, which includes a combined Nali-Kali classroom for classes 1-3.
  • Constructed a kitchen, staff room, staff toilet and children’s toilet.
  • The government will build the compound wall, while OSAAT will fund the construction of the building.
  • This was an opportunity for OSAAT to build a model school for this area, in partnership with Rotary club of Bangalore.

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