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Nazarbad, Mysore dist, Karnataka
Government Pre-University College for Girls

About School

The school houses 50 children who have either been rescued from child labor or abandoned by agricultural laborers and migrant workers who have left the area in search of jobs. The school also serves another 50 poor children from villages within a 3-5 KM radius. The school is surviving on meagre aid from the State, barely enough to cover the cost of food, clothing and basic necessities of the children it houses.

The Domino Effect

The local community and Rotary Club, Mysore, had been aggressively pursuing the rebuilding efforts and a few new classrooms had already been built. With OSAAT coming to their aid, all the classrooms needed are in place. The local community and the Rotary Club, Mysore, have continued their support to this school.

Status: Dressed up and ready for kids since 2009.

Location: Nazarbad, Mysore, Karnataka, India

No. of Students: 100

School Established in: Late 1950s

Grades: Pre-University College

Total Cost of Project: USD 35,000

OSAAT Contribution: Construction of 2 new classsrooms


We are proud to start this journey. We are grateful and optimistic that people will want to continue this domino effect, so we can do more.


Before OSAAT Intervention

  • The school is practically in shambles, with many rooms with collapsed roof and walls.
  • One of the “classrooms” is actually the shade of a tree. Another “classroom” is the side of the school building that provides a little shadowed area.
  • Anti-social elements that are against the education and empowerment of girls are a constant nuisance at this all-girls school that has no choice but to conduct classes outside.
  • The local community and Rotary Club, Mysore, have been aggressively pursuing the rebuilding efforts and a few new classrooms have already been built.

After OSAAT Intervention

  • The school has 2 newly built classrooms.
  • providing a much needed space for the adolescent girls.
  • sheltering them from the harassment of the anti-social elements

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