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One Mask At A Time

OMAAT Design Contest

In the global fight against COVID19, OSAAT invites designs from children in making One Mask At A Time! Schools will be re-open at some point in time and it is important to ensure the continued safety of our children and their families. Physical distancing and hygiene practices in rural areas will present huge challenges, especially for children. We want to encourage all children to think creatively to make a mask that is viable, safe and easy to maintain for these children. Hence a design contest.

Contest Rules

1.       Children from USA and India, either as individuals or in groups (maximum of 5 children), can submit mask designs.  These are masks which they can themselves use or make them for their families, schools, communities using whatever material is easily available to them.
2.       One entry per team.
3.       For the purposes of this contest, contestants should be less than 18 years in age (as of January 01, 2020).
4.       Participants need to provide a 2 minute video of their product design in terms of how it is manufactured, material used, benefits and approximate cost to manufacture the mask. 
5.       Video can be posted on YouTube and link should be shared with OSAAT at or submit in the link provided below.
6.       The design is evaluated in terms of ease of making, ease of maintenance, cost to produce, re-usability, originality of design, aesthetic appearance, presentation, protective nature and practicality of use.
7.       OSAAT will also feature the winning entry videos in its FB , Insta pages.
8.       Weightage will also be given to number of likes for the video by public while deciding winners.
9.       Design copied from other sources, violating copyright principles will be disqualified from the contest.
10.   There will be at least three attractive cash prizes followed by compassionate currencies for a few select entries.  
a.       Global Winner
b.       US runner up
c.       India Runner up
Certificates and prizes will be provided by OSAAT.  

The idea of cash prizes is that the winners will use the same to make more masks based out of the design and sell/distribute the same in the community or school where they belong to.

11.   Top winning entries will also be featured on OSAAT website.
12.   The contest will open on 15th of May 2020.  Entries need to be registered on OSAAT website (URL to be provided), by naming participants, their ages, name of school they attend, city, state and country, an email to contact the team back.  Entries will close on 30th May 2020.
13.  OSAAT reserves all rights in terms of competition rules .  It is also assumed, that the designs published can be used by children to make masks anywhere in the world (but not for commercial purposes).

Currently new entries are closed. Please look at the entries to review what has been submitted.


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