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OSAAT Videos

Message from Ramesh Aravind

A call for DVG School (Kannada voiceover)

Malur Inauguration and Hon. Education Minister message

Hon. Education Minister, Shri. Suresh Kumar

Impact 2020 : OSAAT Vidyaadana

Karnataka Legislative council, Reference by Education Minister.

Schools Transformed by OSAAT (March 2020)

Why OSAAT? What does it do?

Children's Day 2019, featuring OSAAT Kids from various schools

Ravalgundevadi School Story

Karnataka Public School, Amruthur Inauguration

Vidyaadana 2020, Donor video part 1

Vidyaadana 2020, Donor video part 2

Webinar: Post COVID-19 challenges in Education.

Webinar: Covid19 Challenges

Saadhane 2020 Highlights

Testimonials from Beneficiaries and Sponsors

Alamabadi School Story

Tungabhadra School Story

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