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Tejaswi Nagar, Dharwad, Karnataka
Tejaswi Kannada Higher Primary School

About School

The school serves 375 underprivileged children whose parents work as masons, carpenters, daily-wage workers, and vegetable vendors surviving on a meagre Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 30,000 per year. The school charges about Rs. 250 per year and at least 20% parents end up not paying. The school staff is paid by the government but the rest of expenses are borne by the school trust.

Status: Dressed up and ready for kids since 2012!

Location: Tejaswi Nagar, Dharwad, Karnataka, India.

No. of Students: 375

School Established in: 1984

Grades: Kindergarten & grades 1-7

Total Cost of Project: USD 20,000

OSAAT Contribution: Two classrooms and a library.


We are proud to start this journey. We are grateful and optimistic that people will want to continue this domino effect, so we can do more.


Before OSAAT Intervention

  • The school needed two additional classrooms and a library.
  • The auditorium was being used to conduct one class, and the computer room was being used for another, students constantly being shuttled around to adjust to the various needs of the classes.
  • The auditorium was being rented out occasionally to generate some income for the school. 
  • The “library” was basically two wooden cabinets with a handful of books.

After OSAAT Intervention

  • The school has 2 new classrooms, providing a huge relief to the issue of space management.
  • The newly built library is spacious and well equipped, so kids can actually sit there and study.

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