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Vaadya Vaahini 2021 Contest Rules

Date, Time: March 27-28, April 3-4, 2021 at 10 am PST

Registration Deadline: March 13, 2021

Registration fee: $20 per Contestant.

Purchase online at: (on osaat website via paypal)

Contact: Ramesh Javagal at

Important Notes:

  • OSAAT plans to conduct the contest on multiple days given the nature of the online contest. OSAAT may conduct 2 separate sessions on the same day depending upon the number of entries.
  • The exact date and the order of live performance on zoom will be communicated to all participants by March 15, 2021. Given the nature of the online contest, recorded performances are not not acceptable.
  • **A category may be canceled OR conducted as an “OPEN” category due to insufficient entries or any other reason, at OSAAT’s discretion.

Official Rules of the Contest

ALL participants MUST honor these rules without requiring any policing by OSAAT. Violations will be grounds for penalties and/or disqualification from the contest.

  1. Applications:
    1. Online Registration at:
    2. Application Deadline: March 13, 2021
  2. Categories and Age Groups:
    1. String, Wind, Keyboard and other traditional instruments generally recognized in Indian Classical Music, with absolutely minimal use of electronics and modern technology will compete in one category. Percussion instruments will compete in a separate category. Both Indian Classical and Indian Semi-classical music are allowed in the String, Wind, Keyboard category.

       Instrument category Junior (age 8-12)   Senior (age 13-17) Adult (18+) 
      String, Wind, Keyboard      

    2. OSAAT reserves the right to accept unusual or non-traditional instruments based on their make and characteristics. Prior approval will be required for such instruments.

    3. Our objective is to honor tradition, without any kind of simulation and/or use of modern technology taking over. When in doubt, contact us prior to submitting your registration via email to Ramesh Javagal at

    4. OSAAT reserves the right to cancel the entire contest, cancel a specific category or combine styles if necessary, based on the number of entries received and any other criteria at OSAAT’s discretion.
  3. Contest Rules:
    1. A contestant in the “String, Wind, Keyboard” category contestant may use a shruti box or tanpura and one percussion accompaniment. Accompaniments are optional. The accompaniments must be complementary and cannot dominate the performance. The performance of the accompaniments will not be judged.

    2. Time allotted for performance: 8 minutes maximum; 5 points penalty if performance exceeds beyond a reasonable time 20-30 seconds, if absolutely necessary, to avoid abrupt ending. There is no penalty for time usage under 8 minutes.

    3. Both Hindustani and Carnatic styles will compete in the same category. Instruments of different styles may be combined depending upon the number of contestants. This contest is for musical instruments only!

    4. For the percussion category, use of a Lehra/Shruthi box is allowed. Contestants are responsible for procuring their own Lehra/Shruthi box. A live Harmonium accompaniment is allowed but for the purpose of Lehra only.

    5. A Keyboard can be used ONLY as a beat (laya) box accompaniment if the contestant is competing with a String or Wind instrument.

    6. If a contestant’s instrument of choice is a keyboard, then only one instrument setting of any type is allowed. The contestant can't choose the special effects and simulations the keyboard technology may allow to create the effects of an orchestra. Our objective is to honor tradition, without any kind of simulation and/or use of modern technology taking over. When in doubt, contact us prior to submitting your registration via email:

Our goal is to encourage maximum participation. Please contact us to request any exceptions to the above rules describing the basis/circumstances for your request. We will try to accommodate exceptions on a case by case basis.

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