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Zoom Settings

Device use recommendations:

1. Place the iPad or the device you are using at an appropriate height.

2. Please keep the camera orientation to be landscape mode and should show the student and instrument

3. Use a microphone to amplify if possible

4. Use a plain or simple background 

5. Please do not have a bright window or light behind the contestant.


6. The major thing is the network delay that we cannot control so we definitely suggest a good internet connection point and suggest that family members not stream videos during the performer’s live session. This way they can get full bandwidth.

7. Contestants in a room by themselves to minimize feedback/echo

Usage of apps:

8. If needed, you can use the metronome app or just have someone else put thala for you

9. From the audio perspective, the Shruthi box needs to be close but not too close to the mic.

  1. If placed too far, the audio will be choppy

  2. If too close will oversaturate the audio

Lots of materials are available online for the specific settings for your instrument play

10. Suggested settings:

  1. Zoom > Preferences > Audio > UNCHECK “automatically adjust microphone volume”.

  2. Zoom > Preferences > Audio > Advanced>CHECK “Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone

  3. Zoom > Preferences > Audio > Advanced>set Suppress Persistent Background Noise to "Disable"

  4. Zoom > Preferences > Audio > Advanced>set Suppress Intermittent Background Noise to "Disable"

Available settings from Zoom

Kindly review and use the one that suits best for your instrument and pitch you intend to play

Here are some examples:

Zoom Meeting Logistics

After the performance, contestant will leave the zoom meeting and watch the program on YouTube

Zoom 1 - OSAAT Lobby

  • All contestants will be checked in at the check-in time only.
  • Contestant screen names will be changed to their unique id.
  • Any other general question are answered by OSAAT volunteer.
  • Instructions for joining the OSAAT side stage breakout room given to contestants.

Zoom 2 - OSAAT Side Stage

  • Audio/Video check.
  • Other checks (if any).
  • Instruction to enter Main Stage for the performance is given.

Zoom 3 - OSAAT Main Stage

  • Wait for your turn.
  • Performance and wait for the MC confirmation to leave the room.
  • Leave and watch the rest of the program on YouTube.

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