Mission & Objective

Our mission and objectives are best explained in the context of what children in rural, impoverished communities face in India just to get a basic education.

Facts about rural schools in India
  • Most schools were built by the Government in the 1930s and 1940’s. The buildings have deteriorated into crumbling old structures with leaky and/or collapsed roof and walls
  • The shade of a tree may very well serve a classroom in many areas, where kids sit on the bare floor exposed to elements of nature – heat, rain, cold and wind
  • Basic facilities such as drinking water and restrooms either don’t exist or if they do, are in sub-standard condition in terms of quality and hygiene
Facts about Rural School Kids
  • Predominantly from poor families that struggle for day to day survival. A crumbling building that poses as a school does not inspire or even show a glimpse of a better future for the parents. As a result, kids are vulnerable to be pulled out of schools and the vicious cycle of child labour begins.
  • Malnourished and vulnerable to diseases, the kids typically walk 3-4 miles in many areas just to learn their ABCs. The unsafe and unhealthy condition of the school building adds to their misery. Instead of thriving, learning and playing during school years – a significant part of their childhood – kids languish physically and emotionally. Intellectual growth stops and leads to the vicious cycle of illiteracy and poverty.
Our Mission
Our mission is to help rebuild infrastructure of rural, underprivileged schools in India to run in a safe and strong environment. We aim to do so by choosing one school at a time.

Our Objectives
  • To meet the needs of the selected school in such a way that the children served by the school and the local community benefit in both tangible and intangible terms.
  • To achieve optimal results with minimal administrative costs by setting scalable, measurable, achievable, manageable and sustainable goals for our projects.