Government Higher Primary School, Manuvinakurike, Karnataka

Status: In Progress ETA 07/31/2022

Project Details

School Location: Manuvinakurike village, Koratagere taluk, Tumakuru district, Karnataka
No. of Students: 170+
Grades: Classes 1 to 7
Requirements: 100+ year old school teaches both in Kannada and English mediums. The school has multiple Mangalore tile roofed and RCC roofed buildings with total 14 rooms. Mangalore tile roofed buildings are all in poor condition, marked for demolition. RCC roofed buildings are in usable condition. Some RCC rooms are being repaired. They will have only 6 usable rooms. Rotary is building new toilets.
OSAAT Proposal: Construct 4 classrooms.
Estimated Cost: INR 47.2 L (USD 63K).
Funding: This project is partially funded. Looking for more donors.
Status: Construction started with the ground breaking ceremony on 19-Jan-2022. Expected to be completed in Jul-2022.
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