Upgraded Middle School, Tangrain, Jharkhand

Status: Needs Funding

Project Details

School Location: Tangrain village, Potka taluk, East Singhbhum district, Jharkhand
No. of Students: 270
Grades: Classes 1 to 8
Requirements: This school is awarded "Swach Vidyalaya" 5 star rating. The school has 2 buildings with 5 classrooms which are in usable condition. They will need totally 9 rooms. Toilets are in poor condition.
OSAAT Proposal: OSAAT proposes to build 4 classrooms and a toilet block for boys and girls. OSAAT also proposes to provide benches & desks in all 4 classrooms
Estimated Cost: INR 64 L (USD 85.33 K).
Funding: OSAAT is looking for donors for this project.
Status: Now in the planning phase.
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