Completed Projects At A Glance

School NameYear of CompletionOSAAT Contribution
UBMC Higher Primary School, Bajegoli, Karnataka, India2005Construction of 3 new class rooms, benches and other amenities
Govt. Higher Primary School, Bannerghatta, Karnataka, India2007Demolition of old building, construction of 6 new class rooms with all amenities
Viswabharathi School, Bommanakatte, Bhadravati, Karnataka, India2008Help completing the construction of 8 classrooms and provide all ameneties including benches and electrical connections
Govt. P.U. College for Girls, Nazarbad, Mysore, Karnataka, India2009Construction of 2 new classrooms
Chaitanya Vidyalaya Primary School, Murukwad, Karnataka, India2011Rebuilding of roofs for 6 classrooms
SS Metriculation School, Thandalam, Tamilnadu, India2011Completion of compound walll and Podium
Shri Chinmaradi Rural High School, Shanubhogana Halli, Tariere, Karnataka, India2012Construction of 2 new rooms (Library & Computer room)
Jai Gurudev School, Muttagi Village, Bijapur, Karnataka, India2012Repairing of the flood-hit school building, new flooring and rebuilding of kitchen. Flood-safety measures
Mahadeva Vidhyalaya, Rawalgundevadi, Jatha, Maharashtra, India2012Completion of 8 new classrooms((which were left incomplete), along with Toilet block & Staff room
Tejaswi Kannada Higher Primary School, Dharwad, Karnataka, India2012Construction of 2 new classrooms and a new Library
Govt. Higher Primary School, Yeshavantapura Village, Malur, Karnataka, India2014Construction of 4 new class rooms, 1 Nali-Kali Room, 1 Kitchen block and 1 Toilet block
Government Higher Primary School, Jamboor, Channarayapattana Taluk, Karnataka, India2014
Govt. Higher Primary School, Kuruvinakoppa Village, Karnataka, India2015Construction of 2 new classrooms and demolition of old structure
Government Higher Primary School, Doddakallahalli, Malur, Karnataka, India2016Construction of 5 new classrooms, Kitchen, Staff room, Toilet block
Government Primary School, Neelakanta Agrahara, Malur Taluk, Karnataka, India2016Construction of 4 new classrooms, toilet block
DSET School, Bhalia, Bihar, India2016
Government Higher Primary School, Cholenahalli, Mysore, Karnataka, India2016Construction of 4 new classrooms, 1 computer room/library, 1 staff room and 2 toilet blocks.
Sri Basavaaruda Primary School, Kottalagi, Bijapura District, Karnataka, India2017Construction of 7 new classrooms, toilet blocks for boys & girls
Government Lower Primary School, Amruthapura, Karnataka, India2017Construction of 4 new classrooms, separate toilet blocks for boys & girls
Gayatri Devi Junior High School, Gaini Village, Uttar Pradesh, India2017Construction of 6 new classrooms in a new 2-story building. Refurbishment of the existing toilets, and construction of 2 new toilets
Govt. High School, Gurupura, Karnataka, India20173 big classrooms, library, laboratory, kitchen
Govt. Upper Primary School, Aben Village, Manipur, India2018Repair/refurbishing of nursery & primary school building
Govt. High School, Nagavalli, Karnataka, India2018Repair/refurbishing of three classrooms with tiled roof, water proofing of the classrooms with RCC roof, repairing the existing boys’ toilet, construction of a new toilet block for girls, construction of wash area and providing water lines to toilets, kitchen.
Govt. Higher Primary School, Rampura, Karnataka, India2018Construction of 5 new classrooms and a toilet block for the school using eco-friendly materials
Govt. Higher Primary School, Kattemalalvadi, Karnataka, India2019Construction of 4 new classrooms and both exterior and interior painting with creative art depicting various historic places of Karnataka and different themes.
Govt. Lower Primary School, Alambadi, Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka, India2019Construction of 2 classrooms and toilets in a remote/tribal area of South Karnataka. To reach this place, one has to cross River Cauvery in a Coracle.
Govt. Higher Primary School, Benkipura, Hunsur Taluk, Mysore District, Karnataka, India2019Construction of 2 classrooms and toilets. The schools were built using puff/panel sheets for both walls and roofing.