Completed Projects At A Glance

School NameYear of CompletionOSAAT Contribution
UBMC Higher Primary School, Bajegoli, Karnataka, India2005Construction of 3 new class rooms, benches and other amenities
Govt. Higher Primary School, Bannerghatta, Karnataka, India2007Demolition of old building, construction of 6 new class rooms with all amenities
Viswabharathi School, Bommanakatte, Bhadravati, Karnataka, India2008Help completing the construction of 8 classrooms and provide all ameneties including benches and electrical connections
Govt. P.U. College for Girls, Nazarbad, Mysore, Karnataka, India2009Construction of 2 new classrooms
Chaitanya Vidyalaya Primary School, Murukwad, Karnataka, India2011Rebuilding of roofs for 6 classrooms
SS Metriculation School, Thandalam, Tamilnadu, India2011Completion of compound walll and Podium
Shri Chinmaradi Rural High School, Shanubhogana Halli, Tariere, Karnataka, India2012Construction of 2 new rooms (Library & Computer room)
Jai Gurudev School, Muttagi Village, Bijapur, Karnataka, India2012Repairing of the flood-hit school building, new flooring and rebuilding of kitchen. Flood-safety measures
Mahadeva Vidhyalaya, Rawalgundevadi, Jatha, Maharashtra, India2012Completion of 8 new classrooms((which were left incomplete), along with Toilet block & Staff room
Tejaswi Kannada Higher Primary School, Dharwad, Karnataka, India2012Construction of 2 new classrooms and a new Library
Govt. Higher Primary School, Yeshavantapura Village, Malur, Karnataka, India2014Construction of 4 new class rooms, 1 Nali-Kali Room, 1 Kitchen block and 1 Toilet block
Government Higher Primary School, Jamboor, Channarayapattana Taluk, Karnataka, India2014
Govt. Higher Primary School, Kuruvinakoppa Village, Karnataka, India2015Construction of 2 new classrooms and demolition of old structure
Government Higher Primary School, Doddakallahalli, Malur, Karnataka, India2016Construction of 5 new classrooms, Kitchen, Staff room, Toilet block
Government Primary School, Neelakanta Agrahara, Malur Taluk, Karnataka, India2016Construction of 4 new classrooms, toilet block
DSET School, Bhalia, Bihar, India2016
Government Higher Primary School, Cholenahalli, Mysore, Karnataka, India2016Construction of 4 new classrooms, 1 computer room/library, 1 staff room and 2 toilet blocks.
Sri Basavaaruda Primary School, Kottalagi, Bijapura District, Karnataka, India2017Construction of 7 new classrooms, toilet blocks for boys & girls
Government Lower Primary School, Amruthapura, Karnataka, India2017Construction of 4 new classrooms, separate toilet blocks for boys & girls
Gayatri Devi Junior High School, Gaini Village, Uttar Pradesh, India2017Construction of 6 new classrooms in a new 2-story building. Refurbishment of the existing toilets, and construction of 2 new toilets
Govt. High School, Gurupura, Karnataka, India20173 big classrooms, library, laboratory, kitchen
Govt. Upper Primary School, Aben Village, Manipur, India2018Repair/refurbishing of nursery & primary school building
Govt. High School, Nagavalli, Karnataka, India2018Repair/refurbishing of three classrooms with tiled roof, water proofing of the classrooms with RCC roof, repairing the existing boys’ toilet, construction of a new toilet block for girls, construction of wash area and providing water lines to toilets, kitchen.
Govt. Higher Primary School, Rampura, Karnataka, India2018Construction of 5 new classrooms and a toilet block for the school using eco-friendly materials
Govt. Higher Primary School, Kattemalalvadi, Karnataka, India2019Construction of 4 new classrooms and both exterior and interior painting with creative art depicting various historic places of Karnataka and different themes.
Govt. Lower Primary School, Alambadi, Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka, India2019Construction of 2 classrooms and toilets in a remote/tribal area of South Karnataka. To reach this place, one has to cross River Cauvery in a Coracle.
Govt. Higher Primary School, Benkipura, Hunsur Taluk, Mysore District, Karnataka, India2019Construction of 2 classrooms and toilets. The schools were built using puff/panel sheets for both walls and roofing.
Govt. Higher Primary School, Tungabhadra village, Raichur District, Karnataka, India2019Construction 4 class rooms and toilet block. BALA art was incorporated on the walls of outer and inner walls of class rooms.
Govt Higher Primary School, Chinnikatti village, Byadagi Taluk, Haveri district, Karnataka2019Construction of 6 class rooms and toilets
Middle and Junior school, Lehni II, Kushinagar District, Uttar Pradesh2019Painting of Class rooms and school walls, New handpump for drinking water, Flooring of class rooms, Toilet Repairs, Sports Kit, Soil filling for the ground. Approximate budget of ₹350,000 ($4750)
Govt Primary School, Chakhani Bhumihari Patti, Khutaya Bazar, Navrangya, Kushinagar Dist, Uttar Pradesh2019Flooring for classrooms and kitchen, repair of doors and windows, major repair of toilets, painting of classrooms and furniture (table) for the teachers.