Govt. Upper Primary School, Aben Village, Tousem Sub Division, Tamenglong District, Manipur

  • STATUS: Completed in September, 2018.
  • LOCATION: Aben Village, Tousem Sub Division, Tamenglong Dist., Manipur State, India
  • GRADES: 1-6
  • OSAAT Contribution: Repair/refurbishing of nursery & primary school building at a total cost of Rs. 4.90 lakhs. 

This Government school was established in 1972. The school has two facilities. The old school premises is located just on the outskirts of the village settlement. This has 4 classrooms. This building is not used because its poor state. The current school premise is located 1.5 kms from the village and all classes are held in this premise. This has 6 rooms with tin sheet roofs. Children, including nursery kids must walk 1.5 kms to this premise.

The old school building is to be refurbished which includes new tin sheets for roofing, repair of wooden pillars, replacement of existing bamboo walls, new cement flooring, replacement of damaged doors and windows, additional blackboards, bench, tables, etc., toilet block and solar lighting kit. The current school premises, which is also in pretty bad shape needs to repaired. This includes repairs to walls, plaster and painting, repair of existing cement floor, new toilet block with water supply, repairs to existing doors and windows, repairs to existing tables and benches and provide new tables and benches.

The condition of the school building was very pathetic and unhygienic. The children were exposed to harsh weather condition but had no alternative. The nursery section of the school was defunct as the classrooms were not usable. There was no proper toilet facility – the existing one was in a bad shape.
Both the nursery and primary school buildings, including the toilets were repaired & refurbished by OSAAT in association with

  1. Peoples Endeavour for Social Change (PESCH), an NGO based in Jiribam, Manipur
  2. Mr. Arun Nagpal and Mr. Manoj Khanna of MRIDA group of companies, New Delhi
  3. Mr. David Gandhi and Mrs. Usha Gandhi of Pune who are doing yeomen service in Aben village for lifting the living standards of the locals

Call For Action

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