Govt Lower Primary School, Alambadi, Chamrajanagar district, Karnataka

  • STATUS: Project completed in June-2019
  • LOCATION: Alambadi Village, Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka
  • GRADES: 1 to 5

Alambadi is a very remote village located in Chamarajanagar district, close to Tamilnadu border. With Malay Mahadeshwara hill on the southwest and Cauvery river on the north and eastern side, this village is in an isolated corner of Karnataka, bordering Tamilnadu in the Gopinatham forest range. This is the region is infamously known for yester-year forest brigand, smuggler and poacher, Veerappan who died in 2004. The school is the only one in its vicinity and caters to Soliga tribal community located around this village. Even today, reaching this place itself is quite an exercise and adventure. If travelling from Bangalore, one needs to take multiple modes of transport, including a coracle ride across river Cauvery, good samaritans help in reaching the school after crossing river.

With only one classroom, a lone tree outside was the only other shaded place for children to sit, read, play and learn under the scorching sun. Existing toilets were of poor quality and for the children, it was quite literally ‘nature’s call’ when required. The lone existing building also had lots of cracks and plaster chipping or falling off.

OSAAT engagement was motivated by the following elements:
– School infrastructure clearly needed improvement
– Potential to improve Student strength with better infrastructure.
– This particular remote tribal community’s needs in terms of education were being ignored by the rest.

Existing building was not sufficient and also was showing poor quality of construction. Toilet block was also insufficient/inadequate.
OSAAT decided to construct 2 new classrooms with good ventilation, utilizing sunlight and with good air circulation.
2 toilets have been built with children’s safety and hygiene in mind.
A Budget of about Rs 10 Lakhs has been spent for the school and project has been completed and delivered on time.

Each classroom, has also been provided with new chalkboards, ceiling fans and lighting.
Keeping in view of the conditions in the Hamlet, we decided to construct a simple school
building – which would give shelter to kids and small respite in summer
We used concrete blocks with no outside plaster, PUF panelled roof to keep temperatures
lower and lower maintenance costs.

OSAAT has also tied up with a NGO Indiasudar to bring in a teaching staff – 1 dedicated
teacher already in place for 2 yrs – paid every month by Indiasudar.

We are proud to have started this journey. We are grateful and optimistic that people will want to join hands with us. Want to lend a helping hand in terms of furniture, stationery, books, sport equipment and other donations? Click here to donate.

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