Government Lower Primary School, Amruthapura, Karnataka, India

  • STATUS: Dressed up and ready for Kids! 
  • LOCATION: Amruthapura village, Holalkere taluk, Chitradurga District, Karnataka, India
  • GRADES: 1-5
  • TOTAL COST OF PROJECT: INR 26.5 Lakhs for 4 new classrooms, toilet blocks, with a total built up area of 1783 sq. ft.
  • OSAAT Contribution: 100% 

This Government school was established in 1958. The school caters to kids whose families have been designated in the Census as “alemarigalu”, meaning people who do not have a steady place to call home, steady employment of any kind or a steady means or skills to support themselves.

The school receives a meager amount of money from the Government for “Repair expenses” of Rs. 7500 per year and a grant of Rs. 5000 per year – for supplies. Other funds in the form of Building grant, water grant, compound grant, etc., have never been allotted in last 12+ years. The local community and parents are too poor to provide any kind of support. The school has only one room with roof and walls constructed of concrete. 3 rooms with sheet roof were destroyed in October 2015 when a tree fell on top of them. Currently all the classes are taught outside under trees.

4 brand new classrooms were added to adequately house all the classes for kids. New toilet blocks were also provided. From groundbreaking in February 2017 to inauguration on June 10, 2017, the smooth execution on all fronts has given a new lease on life to the school, the local community, and the kids!

The Domino Effect

This project attracted corporate donors such as Shoretel, GT Nexus, and SanDisk, along with several individual donors. Their generosity helped us complete this project well within the budget allocated. Rotary Club, Bengaluru, has committed to furnish the school with desks, benches and other necessities in the coming months.

Call For Action

We are proud to have started this journey.  We are grateful and optimistic that people will want to continue this domino effect, so we can do more.

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