Bannerghatta Government Primary School, Bannerghatta, Anekal Taluk, Karnataka, India

  • STATUS: Dressed up and ready for kids since 2007!
  • LOCATION: Bannerghatta, Anekal taluk, Karnataka, India
  • NO. OF STUDENTS: 430
  • GRADES: 1-7
  • OSAAT CONTRIBUTION: Demolition of the old building, and construction of 6 new classrooms with all amenities.

Located near Bangalore in Anekal taluk, Karnataka, the school has been in existence since 1939. There are 540 children in grades 1-7 attending this school, from ten surrounding hamlets: Kempanaikanahalli (2 km), Sampigehalli (1km), Hakkipikki Colony (5km), Ragihalli (10km), Jangalpalya (2km), Shivanahalli (10km), Ramanaikana Doddi (10km), and Bhairappanahalli (2km). Most of the kids walk to school and there are no other affordable alternatives for education for them.

Classes were being held in an old building (circa 1937), with asbestos roofing and crumbling walls with deep cracks. Every wall, without exception, had deep cracks with much of the mortar long gone. The walls were also covered with mildew and heavily stained from the dirty water seeping through in the rainy season. There is no furniture in the classrooms. Children sit on the bare floor. The asbestos roof has huge, gaping holes that have been patched without much success. During the rainy season, there is an inch or two of standing water in each classroom. The kids and the school staff have to push the water out and wait for the floor to dry before they can go in and sit down.

A new school building has been built with 6 classrooms, providing a much needed relief to the kids and the school staff. There is no longer any wasted time and effort or worries about the standing water in the classrooms. The new classrooms have reinforced concrete roof, asbestos no longer posing a health hazard.

The Domino Effect

In response to OSAAT’s helping hand, Rotary Club, Bangalore, stepped in to help oversee the construction. They also furnished all the classrooms with furniture. The kids no longer sit on the cold, bare floor.

Call For Action

We are proud to have started this journey. We are grateful and optimistic that people will want to continue this domino effect, so we can do more. Want to be a domino for this or any of our other projects


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