Chakhani Bhumihari Patti Primary School

  • STATUS: Funds secured. Construction started in October 2019
  • LOCATION: Govt Primary School, Chakhani Bhumihari Patti, Khutaya Bazar, Navrangya, Kushinagar Dist, Uttar Pradesh
  • NO. OF STUDENTS: 119
  • GRADES: 1 to 5

Uttar Pradesh is a state with the most number of educationally backward blocks as recognized by the Govt of India. Kushinagar happens to be one of the most backward districts in India. The Govt middle and high school in the village of Lehni is in a pitiable condition and as can be seen from the pictures below. The project is to take care of the basic requirement of the schools like drinking water, painting, flooring of the classrooms. This project is executed in partnership of our partners in UP – MRIDA

The primary school in Chakhani Bhumihari Patti requires some basic interventions to get flooring for classrooms and kitchen, repair of doors and windows, major repair of toilets, painting of classrooms and furniture (table) for the teachers.
The project is completed. We undertook painting work, flooring work for the classrooms and toilet repair works apart from getting new furniture, blackboard and school kits to the school
Below are some of the pictures of the work that we accomplished.

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