Gayatri Devi Junior High School, Gaini Village

  • STATUS: Dressed up and ready for Kids since October 2017
  • LOCATION: Gaini Village, Tah-Aonla, District-Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • NO. OF STUDENTS: 529
  • GRADES: Lower kindergarten to Grade 9
  • OSAAT CONTRIBUTION: 100% of cost

This is a private school established in 2006 by Mr. Ashok Bisaria, a retired Government school teacher. The school caters to 529 underprivileged kids whose parents work in the local agricultural fields or employed as workers embellishing clothing (embroidery, zari work). 50% of the kids cannot afford to pay any fees, and the remaining pay a meagre Rs. 1,000 per year. Given the high number of kids enrolled, it is evident that this school is the only affordable means of education to them. The impoverished local community is unable to help in any way, and without the dedication of Mr. Bisaria and his family, these kids are likely to not receive any education at all. Mr. Bisaria and 5 of his family members are dedicated to running the school, from teaching to administration, just to provide the kids with an opportunity to learn.

Some classes were being conducted in poorly constructed structures with tin roof, and others basically used the space outside a cowshed and the shade of trees on the land that Mr. Bisaria owns. The need identified was for 6 properly constructed classrooms, toilets, and drinking water facility. The two existing classrooms needed to be repaired with properly plastered walls and roof.

The project proposal was reviewed by the OSAAT executive team and it was decided that 6 classrooms be built to address the needs of the school. OSAAT partnered with Mrida for project execution and monitoring. OSAAT technical team worked closely with Eternity architects, Delhi to come up with a unique architecture for the school to ensure that it is a place the children would love to attend every day. Locally available materials were used for the construction, while making sure that the quality, reliability of the materials & the construction schedule was not compromised by these design choices. After thorough review of the design, a detailed Plan with BOQ (Bill of Quantities) was presented to the Mrida group to help appoint a Contractor. Mrida was able to locate a contractor in Mr. Putan Ali, who took up the task of building the dream school for the children of Gaini.The proposal was presented to our Donors. Following 3 donors very graciously and generously accepted to shoulder the cost of the project and gave OSAAT the green signal to start the construction:

Mrs. Anuradha Jagadeesh and Mr. B.V.Jagadeesh
Mrs. Kalpana & Mr. Mohit Aron
VDA Infosultions , Mumbai, India

A formal MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed between Mrida and OSAAT on May 11, 2017, which paved way for the construction. Construction began immediately for the proposed 6 new class rooms. The design aimed to create a unique structure using locally available materials to address climatic & local needs. After 6 months of non-stop construction, involving numerous visits by the engineers, architect, volunteers, the construction was completed as per the specifications and quality standards of the plan.

The Domino Effect

This project attracted corporate donors such as VDA InfoSolutions, along with individual donors. Their generosity helped us complete this project well within the budget allocated.

Call For Action

We are proud to have started this journey. We are grateful and optimistic that people will want to continue this domino effect, so we can do more. Want to be a domino for this or any of our other projects


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