• STATUS: Dressed up and ready for Kids!
  • LOCATION: Yashawantapura, Malur Taluk, Karnataka, India
  • GRADES: 1-7
  • OSAAT CONTRIBUTION: Reconstruction of entire school building (5 classrooms, kitchen, toilet)

Yashawantapura is a small village of 300 families, located at about 6.5 KM to the north-west of Malur. For the benefit of the children living in Yashawantapura and the surrounding villages, the Government of Karnataka started this ‘Higher Primary School’ in 1957. It facilitates studies from 1st grade to 7th grade. There are 61 children in the academic year 2012-2013. These children mainly come from small-scale-farming community, barber-community and also those depending on the labour-work in the nearby brick factories.

In a school that has 1st to 7th grade classes, there were only 4 class rooms. Mud walls of 2 class rooms had collapsed due to heavy rains. Walls of the other 2 classrooms had developed cracks and were just hanging-on dangerously. There was no Water facility in the toilets. Adjoining cattle-shelters have resulted in unhygienic atmosphere in the school campus. In spite of all this, the sliver-lining was the exuberant enthusiasm and smiling faces of the children, honest and hardworking principal Mrs.Ambika who had vowed to change the face of the school and of course, the whole hearted support of the villagers. The school principal Mrs. Ambika and the villagers collectively convinced the village-panchayat and got the 1-acre government land allocated for new school construction. This is at the outskirts of the village, in an open field. Responding positively for the request and enthusiasm of the villagers, the Block Education Officer of Malur Taluk, Mr. Subrahmanyam has agreed to build a compound-wall all around the new school premises.

A new school building was built at the newly acquired land. The new building consisted of 5 classrooms, a kitchen and a toilet. One of the rooms is a large Nalli kali room, specially designed for children from 1st to 3rd grade. Separate toilets for boys and girls are provided. The classrooms were fully furnished and have all facilities. Water tank and electricity were also provided. The local community was involved in the leveling of the land for the building and the playground. Recently the compound wall was also completed for the premises, and a play area with play equipment donated by Rotary club of Bangalore was ready for use. The total project cost, funded by OSAAT, is Rs.23 lakhs.

The Domino Effect

In response to OSAAT’s successful completion of the project, the Block Education Officer of Malur Taluk, Mr. Subrahmanyam, built a compound-wall all around the new school premises. A play area with play equipment was donated by Rotary club of Bangalore.

Call For Action

We are proud to have started this journey. We are grateful and optimistic that people will want to continue this domino effect, so we can do more. Want to be a domino for this or any of our other projects


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