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Gurupura, Karnataka
Govt High School

About School

Established in 1993, this Government high school caters to 240 students. The students belong to the families of the predominantly farming community of Gurupura village. The students are performing very well and 92% of them have graduated from 10th grade the past year. They are very motivated and will do even better if provided with better facilities and educational tools, including computers, books, and furniture.

Status: Dressed up and ready for Kids since October 2017

Location: Government High School, Gurupura, Hunsur taluk, Mysore district,  Karnataka, India

No. of Students: 240

School Established in: 1993

Grades: Kindergarten 8-10

Total Cost of Project: 35.5 Lac INR

OSAAT Contribution: 100% of cost – 3 big new classrooms in a new block


We are proud to start this journey. We are grateful and optimistic that people will want to continue this domino effect, so we can do more.


Before OSAAT Intervention

  • The school operated in two buildings – one old and one fairly new, built by the Government a few years ago.
  • The newer building had 3 classrooms and was totally inadequate for accommodating the 240 students.
  • The old building was collapsing, and was almost unusable.
  • The requirements identified were for additional classrooms & educational aids.

After OSAAT Intervention

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) from school received in July2016.
  • Site visit, Meetings with school staff, District officials, SDMC and other relevant checks completed in September 2016.
  • RFP analysis, approval and budget allocation completed in December 2016 for the construction of 3 classrooms.
  • Construction plan ready in March 2017 and the agreement with the contractor signed on 21st May 2017.
  • Earthwork started immediately after the groundbreaking ceremony on 21st May 2017.
  • Foundation work completed by end of June, 2017.
  • The construction reached up to the roof level by end of July, 2017.
  • Painting, floor tiles and electrical work – all were completed in September, 2017.
  • The new building was inaugurated on 26th October, 2017.

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