In School Activity With School Children


Objective: Engage the students with a lots of activities, under expert guidance.  These activities are designed to promote English reading , comprehension,  vocabulary and logical thinking.

Activity Description: Volunteer team will travel to a school assigned to you. Each volunteer will be assigned a group of 4-5 students. Volunteers will read a pre-assigned illustrated story with students, using  laptops brought by volunteers, ask them questions, create story related activities. As a group, you could interact with the entire class after the event assisted by a facilitator.  After the story session, students will answer a short quiz using digital tablets available at school.  Volunteers use their laptops and data connection to help with the exercise.  After the event, students/volunteers share experience both from the day as well as any relevant life experiences.

Number of Volunteers: For a given school, a minimum of 10 volunteers, maximum of 20 volunteers can participate engaging 40 to 100 students at a time.  If there are more volunteers, they need to split among different schools.

At Corporate Office, Model Kit Making


Objective: Create interesting and unique activity based learning for students  both in Science and Mathematics.  The models/kits produced will not only be fun but also inculcate a different way of thinking and understanding Science and Mathematics concepts.

Activity Description: Volunteers make Science and Mathematics kits  in their own  offices on a given date.  Based on instructions provided earlier, volunteers bring in common stationery or pre-printed material to the office.  Under an expert’s guidance, the models are made, packaged as kits.  OSAAT will collect them and later distribute to select schools.

Number of Volunteers: A Table of volunteers will have 4-5 employees working as a team, preparing 2-3 kits in a span of hour or two.  Depending on the number of volunteers available, and the amount of time you can spare for this (typically half a day), multiple kits of different types can be created.  Exact number of kits, the type, can be determined based on a conversation with OSAAT faciltator who will discuss with a team lead of your office to help prepare for this volunteering activity.  



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