Digital Infrastructure for Rural Schools (ODiSI®)

ODiSI® (OSAAT Digital School Infrastructure) is a program supported by Dept of State Education Research and Training, Govt. of Karnataka

Impact till Date

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ODiSI Project details

Affordable and quality education for every child is the foundation for a stable, prosperous, community of coming generations.  There is certainly large divide between urban India and Rural Bharat, especially in terms of access and content.  The recent pandemic has certainly exposed this weak underbelly of an already crumbling infrastructure of India’s rural schools.  This initiative is to enable affordable, accessible and sustainable infrastructure for the rural child and provide them an equal opportunity to learn.  The project aims at creating a open ended platform where multiple contributors can participate, leverage already existing content and take the first steps in making primary digital learning, available for all.

This project is named ODiSI – OSAAT Digital School Infrastructure.

Participating Schools, Academic year 2021-2022 

Malur Taluk, Kolar District

  1. Government Model Higher Primary Girls School, Malur
  2. Government Girls Junior College, Malur
  3. Government High School, Chikkakunthur
  4. Government Junior College (High School Section), Tekal
  5. Karnataka Public School (High School Section), Masthi
  6. Karnataka Public School (Higher Primary Section), Masthi

Hunsur Taluk, Mysuru District

  1. Government  Higher Primary School, Benkipura
  2. Government Adarsha Vidyalaya (CBSE), Chikkahunsur
  3. Government High School, Harave
  4. Government Higher Primary School, Chikkahunsur
  5. Karnataka Public School (High School Section), Gavadagere
  6. Government High School, Gurupura

Participating Schools in Academic year 2022-2023

 Kolar District,  Malur Taluk 

GHPS Araleri
GHS Kudiyanur
GHS Rajenahalli
GMHPGS Malur(Girls)
GJC Tekal
GHS Chikkakunthur
KPS Masthi
KPS,HP Masthi
GJC(Boys) Malur
GMHPGS(Boys) Malur
GHPS Lakkur
GHS Chikkatirupathi
GJC Lakkur
GGJC(Girls) Malur

Kolar District, Mulabagal Taluk

GHPS Vaddahalli
GHPS Nangali
GHPS Alangur
GHS Alangur
Government DVG Higher Primary School
NGHS Someshwarapalya
GMHPS Balechangappa
GHS Vaddahalli
GMHPS Banglow school
GHS Virupakshi
GHS Kurudumale
GHPS Gollahalli
GJC Town Girls
GHS Gumlapura
GMHPS Mallanayakanahalli
GHS Thimmaravutanahalli
GJC Mallanayakanahalli
KGBV Girls Mallanayakanahalli

Kolar District, Bangarapete Taluk 
GHPS Balamande
GHPS Gullahalli
GHPS Kamasamudra
GHPS Kalavanchi
GJC Town Girls
GHS Dodduru
Mysore District, Hunsur Taluk

GHS Kademanuganahalli
GHS Doddahejjuru
GHPS Kattemalalavadi
GHPS Machabayanahalli
GHPS Moduru
GHS Harave
KPS Gavadagere
GJC Girls Town
GHS Dharmapura
GHS Ratnapuri
Adarsha Chikkahunsur
GHPS Chikkahunsur
GHS Gurupura
GHPS Benkipura

Participating Schools in Academic year 2023-2024

In addition to most of the schools listed in 2022-2023,  the following list of schools were added under exclusive Microsoft India sponsorship using Microsoft Technologies to implement ODiSI.   The earlier set of schools were based entirely on Google Technology stack.
Mysore District, Hunsur Taluk
GHS Kanagalu
GHS Attigodu
GHPS Bettadatunga
GHS Bhuvanahalli
GHS Bettadapura
GHPS N Shettihalli
KPSHP Ravandur
GGHS Periyapatna
GHPS Periyapatna
GHS Muttur
GHS Hitnehebbagilu
GHS Kittur