OSAAT is always in need of volunteers for various tasks when we conduct events to raise funds. People of all ages and skill levels are welcome to help us. There are different roles you can take while volunteering for OSAAT:

  • Be a Champion: In this role, you are the end-to-end project manager of the school reconstruction. This involves working with various teams within OSAAT to facilitate the execution of the project. For every school we have a champion and we have a standard operating procedure laid out for a champion to follow. This role also includes visiting schools and working with local authorities, interacting with contractors and be the single point of contact for this project. Interacting with different community members, school committees, education department, sponsors and organizations, civil architects, contractors will be a rewarding and humbling experience.
    As a champion, you get to lead a specific schools outcome in making an impact for multiple generations of students who will pass through the school to which you contribute.
  • Be the local ambassador for OSAAT: This role could be within the community or organization that you are working. You can spread awareness about OSAAT vision, objective and execution. Help any prospective donor or group of donors to adopt OSAAT schools . You can also organize fundraising and awareness campaigns.
  • Adopt a School: Lead a group to adopt a school listed by OSAAT and work with OSAAT folks through out the execution of the project. If there are other programs and activities other than infrastructure, work with OSAAT and its partners to enable such initiatives.
  • Facilitate project execution: There are a lot of factors that influence the successful completion of our project. For every project, we require approvals and assistance from various Govt department and bureaucrats . Many of you may have contacts in Govt, Bureaucracy, Education department. OSAAT can make use of your connections at the highest level to get quicker approvals and required funds that are marked for construction like a compound wall or repairs. Facilitate such connections in various states and help us get through the bureaucratic hurdles. For example, anyone at IAS, Secretariat contact can help us get permissions and approvals quickly In India. Many of you may have friends, family, and relatives in the construction domain. We are also looking at those who are in the construction business to help us reduce the cost of construction. Those in Steel, Cement, Raw material industry can help us procure these at cost or get it for free to these schools.
    Legal and Public relations help: For every project we need help to review documents, help identifying legal procedures and advise us on any legal matters. A good legal professional in various states will be very valuable. Any press and publicity help can help OSAAT attract passionate philanthropists and volunteers.
  • Organise general fundraisers: Take the lead to organize a campaign in your company, community, alumni to raise funds for OSAAT. You can also identify deserving schools in your home-town, ancestral village, place you worked, where you felt OSAAT could make an impact.
  • Social Media Correspondent: Put your blogging, tweeting and Instagram skills to use. Author and share your story and experience on schools, children on OSAAT.
  • Event Volunteer: From time to time OSAAT organizes events and we need lots of volunteers during the event execution. We need performers for entertainment programs, people who have desktop publishing skills to make posters, banners and other collaterals; reach out to press and dignitaries for participation and coverage; general event logistics like catering, light & sound, auditorium booking, transportation etc.
  • Organize CSR events in OSAAT schools: Many of our patron companies like us to organise CSR day for their employees. During this day employees of the company visit the schools and spend time with children doing meaningful activities like Science Workshop, Planting Trees or conduction competition. Planning and organizing innovative programs such events as above needs a lot of help. Let us know if you can take lead in organizing such events by yourself as well as a team of volunteers.

If you want to join hands with us, or have questions or recommendations, please write to us at info@osaat.org. We will reach out to you.

Thank you!


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