Instructions for Submitting Pre-Recorded Music Videos

  1. Record your performances using Zoom or your iPhone (horizontal) or a video camera. You must submit the final recording in mp4 or .mov format only
  2. In a couple of short sentences, describe what you will be presenting. Do not mention your name, your teacher’s name or music school’s name. Do not thank anyone or say anything other than just the basic information about the tune, rhythm, composer and style. OSAAT will not accept videos violating this rule. Examples of your introduction:
    • I will be presenting “Aigiri nandini”, a composition of Adi Shankaracharya in Carnatic style, set to Revati raaga, Adi taala
    • I will be presenting “Neer bharat Jamuna tat par”, a Bandish in Kirana gharana style, set to Raag Yaman and Teen taal
  1. For each category you have registered in, submit 3 separate recordings, one for each round of the contest, not exceeding the duration specified in the contest rules. A few extra seconds – up to 30 – are fine in order to avoid ending the performance abruptly. Name your video files using the “Name_Category_Round” format below: As an example, contestant “Kala Singer” needs to name her three videos for the Sr. Carnatic classical category as “Kalasinger_SCMC_Pre”, “kalasinger_SCMC_Semi” and “kalasinger_SCMC_Fin”.

Upload your videos to the folder using the link you received from us via email. This link is given only to registered contestants.

Category and Style File name for the preliminary round File name for the semi-final round File name for the final round
Jr. Classical Music Carnatic Name_JCMC_Pre Name_JCMC_Semi Name_JCMC_Fin
Jr. Semi-Classical Music Carnatic Name_JSCMC_Pre Name_JSCMC_Semi Name_JSCMC_Fin
Jr. Classical Music Hindustani Name_JCMH_Pre Name_JCMH_Semi Name_JCMH_Fin
Jr. Semi-Classical Music Hindustani Name_JSCMH_Pre Name_JSCMH_Semi Name_JSCMH_Fin
Sr. Classical Music Carnatic Name_SCMC_Pre Name_SCMC_Semi Name_SCMC_Fin
Sr. Semi-Classical Music Carnatic Name_SSCMC_Pre Name_SSCMC_Semi Name_SSCMC_Fin
Sr. Classical Music Hindustani Name_SCMH_Pre Name_SCMH_Semi Name_SCMH_Fin
Sr. Semi-Classical Music Hindustani Name_SSCMH_Pre Name_SSCMH_Semi Name_SSCMH_Fin
Adult Classical Music Carnatic Name_ACMC_Pre Name_ACMC_Semi Name_ACMC_Fin
Adult Semi-Classical Music Carnatic Name_ASCMC_Pre Name_ASCMC_Semi Name_ASCMC_Fin
Adult Classical Music Hindustani Name_ACMH_Pre Name_ACMH_Semi Name_ACMH_Fin
Adult Semi-Classical Music Hindustani Name_ASCMH_Pre Name_ASCMH_Semi Name_ASCMH_Fin

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