A Plan for Belagavi Flood affected schools


Northen Karnataka districts were severely affected by heavy floods during August 2019. Belagavi district was the most affected. Hundreds of schools were submerged in 5-10 ft water for more than a week. Many buildings and classrooms were severely damaged.Schools also lost their records, library books, TV, projectors, computers, etc.

Government has been working on a war-footing to fix these flood and rain affected schools. But this is a gigantic task. Government’s first priority is to provide houses and living to the population at large of this area. Government plans to release Rs 2 lakhs per school for repairs. Considering the amount of damage, this may not be sufficient to provide sufficient infrastructure to these schools.


OSAAT is a young organization and was started in 2003 by a few like-minded philanthropists originally from Karnataka, living in the San Francisco Bay area. What started as a private effort on their part to help some of the needy schools in rural Karnataka resulted in many more people getting interested, and ultimately in the formation of OSAAT.

As of date (November 2019), OSAAT has completed 29 School projects. 23 are in Karnataka and the rest are in the states of Meghalaya, Bihar, Maharashtra and Uttarpradesh. OSAAT currently is working on few more projects in Tamilnadu, Orissa and Andhrapradesh as well.

OSAAT is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (USA tax Id: 20 2043649, India tax Id: AAATO3310P, trademark: 85121815) dedicated to helping rebuild infrastructure of underprivileged, rural schools in India. A totally volunteer-run organization, OSAAT has no administrative costs, and utilizes 100% of your donation to build a strong, safe and healthy learning environment for kids in rural India, by adopting one school at a time.

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What OSAAT has done so far

Immediately after the floods, considering the gravity of the situation, OSAAT decided to give priority for flood and rain-affected schools for the near future. OSAAT contacted the local BEOs of Hukkeri, Athani, Mudalagi, Gokak taluks and through them got a list of around 30 schools that were affected by floods. The OSAAT team visited these schools in late August and September 2019. Based on OSAAT’s selection criteria, the team shortlisted around 10 severely affected schools where OSAAT can build the required infrastructure.

Out of these schools, OSAAT is already working on the Engineering planning of 5 schools. OSAAT expects to start these schools in the month of January. These schools are:

1. Govt Kannada Higher Primary School, Masaguppi, Mudalagi taluk – construct 6 classrooms and toilet block

2. Govt Kannada Higher Primary School, Rajakatti, Hukkeri taluk – construct 4 classrooms and toilet block

3. Govt Kannada Higher Primary School, Avaragol, Hukkeri taluk – construct 6 classrooms and toilet block

4. Govt Kannada Higher Primary School, Katrala, Athani taluk – construct 6 classrooms and toilet block

5. Govt Kannada Higher Primary Boys and Girls Schools, Sunadholi, Mudalagi taluk – construct 4 classrooms and toilet block.

Few photos depicting the current situation at these schools are below:

How Can you help Flood impacted Schools

You can choose to donate and contribute in many number of ways:

– Donate any amount

– Adopt a school in its entirety or portions of a school such as a classroom, a library

– Donate and have your company match your donation to double your gift

– Donate online at, or write us a check

If you want to volunteer and give our time please get in touch with us. If you have benefactors who would can contribute as civil contractors, builders, material suppliers and who can work with us without profit motives, introduce them as well. Such efforts are effective only when all of us come together as a community in helping those in need.