Together, we are transforming rural education with modern tools and technologies.

Problem: Access to education in rural India is limited due to poor infrastructure and a lack of improvements in teaching methods; especially digital learning. Digital learning tools and technologies have not reached the far corners of a vast majority of primary school children, where learning can be accelerated.

Solution: ODiSI (OSAAT Digital School Infrastructure)

  • Closes the gap between rural and urban schooling¬†
  • Integrates technology with day to day learning
  • Provides tablets to students and laptops to teachers
  • Real time monitoring and impact measurement¬†
  • Increased attendance in schools, especially girls

Kids With Hope = A Chance = A Future.

Give as much as you can to help. Children will go back to school in July with excitement and joy at the chance to learn with the best learning tools.

Back to School Fundraising Goal

For larger contributions or alternative donation methods please contact us at [email protected].