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What it means to be an ODiSI Volunteer

Mouni Roy and her colleagues had this to say:

“Blessed to be part of something so wonderful. Our activity is a part of #impactday , a culmination of Deloitte volunteers’ year round efforts”

Sankalp Saxena of Nutanix :

We left inspired and energized by our interactions with the students. 

ODiSI Volunteer Registration
Registration Options(Required)
Please enter a number from 5 to 50.
Indicate likely number of volunteers participating
Please provide a date between January 1st and March 31st. Exclude Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Please respond with 'any date' if you are flexible with dates.
Please give details about your company or group of volunteers, where you work, or how you are associated together. If you have questions/comments, please include the same.
Currently only two options available. 1) In School: Volunteer team will travel to a school assigned to you. Each volunteer will be assigned a group of 4-5 students. Volunteers will read a pre-assigned story with students, ask them questions, create story related activities. As a group, you could interact with the entire class after the event assisted by a facilitator. 2) In your Office: Model kit making is in your office on a given date. OSAAT will help you make these Science/Mathematics Kits collect them and be later distribute in OSAAT schools.
Only Listed general locations are available for 'In School Activity' above. The exact Govt. School mapped for volunteer activity will be determined by the number of volunteers participating. Model kit making is in your office on a given date. Kits made will be later distributed in OSAAT schools.

Please read carefully

OSAAT is facilitating this volunteer campaign to raise awareness about education in rural communities and also encourage volunteerism We want all participants to embrace this spirit of the volunteerism wholeheartedly and make it an enjoyable & enriching experience for everyone involved.

Below are official rules/guidelines of the event. OSAAT expects all participants to adhere to these rules strictly, and follow the guidelines in the spirit they are given. OSAAT reserves the right to use photographs and/or videos of the event for press releases and other publicity.


  • Each participant team has to independently register with team lead initiating the registration.
  • There is no fees of participation
  • Volunteers have to bear the cost of transport, materials, food and any other incidental expenses.
  • OSAAT team will support the volunteer activity with specific guidelines and instructions. Each Volunteer activity could be different depending on date, school, age of children.
  • OSAAT is not responsible for any injury to participants which may result during their participation in the event. All participants have a responsibility to take all necessary precautions to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in their presence.
  • The registrant team lead/representative will be expected to attend scheduled briefing meetings about the event on a mutually agreed day. If the meeting is not attended and if OSAAT sees low interest, it may cancel the volunteer event.
  • OSAAT team does not guarantee the volunteer event and may cancel with a day's notice when there are unforseen circumstances. OSAAT is not liable for any financial expenses on behalf of the volunteer team.
I agree to abide by terms of volunteer activity as determined by OSAAT and accept responsibility on behalf of my team and any minor child’s participation as well.(Required)