Improvements in GHPS Kuruvinakoppa after OSAAT’s Intervention

Kuruvinakoppa village is located in Kalaghatagi Taluk, Dharwad District, Karnataka State, and is about 22 k.m. south of Dharwad city. The Government Higher Primary school at Kuruvinakoppa was established in the year 1914.

When OSAAT took up this project in 2015, out of 11 classrooms in the school building, 4 classrooms were in a dilapidated condition, and had been ordered for demolition by the Education Department because of the threat it posed to the safety of the children. Under OSAAT’s “Adopt A School” program, Mr. Sanjeev Acharya, President and CEO of Silicon Sage Builders, Santa Clara, California, USA, graciously funded the entire project cost for the construction of 2 brand new classrooms.

Our team from OSAAT recently visited the school to get a feel for the changes at the newly constructed school. Below are some of the observations by Mr. Srinivas Subramanian, an OSAAT Volunteer:

1. The student strength has increased from 435 in 2015 to 455 in 2018 (an increase of ~5%). The increase in student strength is very positive given that government schools have seen a considerable reduction in student strength, over the years, for lack of quality infrastructure.

2. There has been an increase in student participation in extra-curricular activities. This has helped the school in securing prizes & recognition in various competitions.

3. Mr. S.P. Kale, Head master of GHPS Kuruvinakoppa, informed that he was very pleased with two noticeable improvements – attendance and enthusiasm. The change in mindset has helped students to even get admissions in Navodaya schools for higher education.

4. After OSAAT’s intervention and subsequent increase in student strength, the Government of Karnataka sanctioned funds for the construction of 6 additional classrooms.

OSAAT is proud to be an enabler of change. We want to help schools that show interest and willingness to impart quality education to its students. While OSAAT facilitates quality infrastructure to schools, it expects the school management to focus on providing quality education. The positive impact on the students of GHPS Kuruvinakoppa, after the construction of the two classrooms, is a testament to this.

With OSAAT’s intervention, the school now has a new look. The Kuruvinakoppa village community is very proud of their new school’s look.

Below are some photos of the old classrooms:

Below are the photos of the new classrooms provided by OSAAT :

Below is a photo of the additional classrooms that the Government of Karnataka help build after OSAAT’s intervention: