OSAAT Q2 2023 Newsletter

Dear friends,

As the year 2023 is rapidly progressing, it’s heartening to see the amount of work OSAAT has done to build the necessary infrastructure for the schools in India.

Here are some of the Projects completed in Q2 of 2023

  1. Khukradih, Jharkhand – This project was funded by donors from both the USA and India. OSAAT helped in the construction of two large classrooms, a kitchen, and a toilet block for both boys and girls.  
  2. Haradanahalli, Karnataka – This project was funded by a donor from the same village in India. OSAAT constructed four classrooms and a toilet block for both boys and girls.
  3. Kanyana – This was another project that was a major breakthrough in this quarter. It was funded by donors in the USA. OSAAT constructed four new classrooms, a toilet block for both boys and girls. In the high school section, the existing kitchen was refurbished and a toilet block was constructed for boys.
  4. Halehalli, Karnataka – This was the 75th project that was completed by OSAAT. Three classrooms, a kitchen block, a store room, and benches and desks were constructed.

Here are some of the Projects started in Q2 of 2023

  1. Gudemaranahalli, Karnataka – OSAAT proposes to construct four classrooms, and also to provide benches and desks to those classrooms.
  2. Kaudasar, Maharashtra – OSAAT proposes to construct two classrooms, benches and desks to those classrooms, a toilet block for both boys and girls, and a kitchen block.

Mulbagal Project

The Government DVG Higher Primary Boys School is a 100+ year old school, started in the famous kannada poet and writer, DVG’s ancestral house. This project was funded by donors in India, Singapore and the USA. OSAAT has constructed a three storied building with 10 classrooms, an office and a staff room, etc. The mission is to preserve the great poet’s memories by having a “DVG Library”. The school will be inaugurated on the 5th of July, 2023.

ODiSI has been striving for quality education for every child in India, and lays the foundation for a stable, prosperous community for the forthcoming generations. In the year 2022-23, there were onsite coordinators who visited the schools at least once a week. Fortnightly reviews were started to work individually with each school to understand technology. Multiple donors paid a visit to the schools during these months, and continue to do so even now. The results were very positive (see the picture). Though there were certain challenges such as network issues, subject teacher availability, local groupism, etc, ODiSI has shown a path for a better future because the results talk about it all. The overall participation of this program was above 90%. There are some images that show the students who had taken part in this digital project. 

Continuing on the previous year’s progress of ODiSI, teacher refresher training workshops are already underway along with a student learning baseline of students enrolled at the beginning of the academic year 2023-2024. Other than expanding ODiSI to two more schools, 5000 more students, ODiSI plans to bring in additional technology based innovations like Chat GPT into our rural schools this year. Also, we’re expanding ODiSI to two more school clusters. 

A recent news is that we are partnering with Microsoft, and an MOU with the Government of Karnataka, that will aid in educating more and more kids.

Musical Extravaganza – Sangeeta Sandhya 2023

On 9th of April 2023, OSAAT organized a musical evening known as ‘Sangeeta Sandhya’ by collaborating with the premier band of the Bay Area known as “RAAGA”. The guests had turned up in large numbers to the event and it was a grand success. The Raaga band consists of eminent artistes who have performed in several movies and other events. The highlight of the event was that there were two original compositions by Sri Sanjeev Palamand and Sri Sheshaprasad Chikkatur. Apart from that, the sensational dance group of the Bay Area – “The Patakas” performed on the stage, raising the energy of the event. From Sangeeta Sandhya, we could raise a total amount of $35000.

Mother’s Day event

OSAAT partnered with UPMA (Uttar Pradesh Mandal of America) in conducting ‘Mother’s Day Fundraiser’ on 13th of May, 2023 at Sunnyvale, California. The purpose of this event was to celebrate Mother’s Day which fell on the same date, and most importantly to drive the funds for the rebuilding of schools for the underprivileged children in Uttar Pradesh.

Sevathon 2023

OSAAT is collaborating with India Community Center in conducting “Sevathon 2023” on the 10th of September 2023 at 7am at Vasona Park, Los Gatos. The program will have a half marathon, 10K, 5K, Yogathon, Dance-A-Thon, and finish line activities to cater to the various tastes. Please register your participation along with your family members by visiting The funds raised will go towards the improvement of rural schools in India.